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Let’s not lose perspective.

Nothing is not set in stone and we can reformulate, grow and change at any time throughout our life. We do, however, create in our lives but who we are on the deepest level is consistent.

We experience life though our personal notions or what we believe to be true. We can allow but we can also let go of anything that does not suit the current path we are on. We need to live in the moment and allow the energies to flow. Our focus shapes our experience.

This is not to say that life event do not happen without our consent. There are times throughout our life’s journey that we experience unanticipated events but it is our judgement of these experiences that make them harsh or make them easy flowing. This also expends to our general attitude towards life itself. If we expect life to be tough, it will be.

We gain momentum as we mature into ourselves and take on what we choose to make our own and what we choose to release. Life is full of lessons and challenging conditions but it is also filled with wonder and beauty. Life can flow with ease if we allow it to. Life can offer resting periods if we choose to accept them.

Life moves as it moves but our reaction to this movement lies in our hands. We will experience what we are supposed to regardless of what that experience might be. It is a personal choice if and how long we hold on to the experience and our personal feels about the event. We also choose what to make of our personal experience. Will it inspire us to generate activity that assists us in our journey, or will we choose to become captive to an idea that holds us back and creates fear or anxiety?

We have choices to make and we have a choice on how we interpret our lessons and experiences.

We can choose to justify our negative reactions and choose to be a victim, or we can choose to see events as events that are not a part of us. We can see events as lessons that allow us to grow and be the victor.

Choose hope!

Find that path of growth. Allow peace. Experience love! Live life!

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