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It is not about building personality, although this is often a by-product; it is about finding the appropriate outlet for self-expression. We build our character as life passes and we are constantly building our own personal approach to life through life experiences. These experiences do seem to create some personal identification, but this identification is also subject to change because of life’s constant stimuli through events. So it this actually your personal identity?

Our personal vibration varies in different degrees throughout life’s lessons and growth. As we develop as an individual, we gain insight, slowly fostering our personal expression. We are building earthly character and challenging any limiting conditions as we mature into ourselves. As a result, we go through periods of intense transformation. These transformations can sometimes require us to change our direction completely.

As we progress, we get reminders of who we were and glimpses of who we are becoming on this earthly plain. It is all a developing story and the real “us” slowly, continually emerges. This true person that we allowing to come forth slowly surfaces although the connection has always been there. We just did not see it. Who we are is the most natural expression of self. In reality, therefore, we do not have to look very far to find ourselves.

The ultimate person to be is the “real” you and anything that resides outside of that true personality will be released or challenged. Any part of us that we do not agree with or do not resonate with is not part of who we truly are. Anything that does not feel real or comfortable, we can release simply by not identifying with it. If we do not like what we see then we do not identify with it. Any trait that does not resonate with us is not part of us. It is as easy as that!

To release any of these qualities, however, we first have to acknowledge that they exist and then in recognizing this, we are free to do with them what we please. Challenging these personality quirks provides us with many alternatives. Moving from one thing to the next is not a challenging event if we understand the concept of self-development and self-actualization.

We are the master of our own identity. The only challenge we will meet is deciding what to keep or alter and what to expel.

Take control of your expression to the world and allow your true identity to the moment.

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