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Do is feel as though life is holding you back?

When we feel this way, we may just need time to reflect. This stagnation allows for time to analyze where we are and take note of what needs to happen as we maneuver our way forward.

It can be frustrating but is often necessary. There are times when jumping into action might not be the solution and mistakes can be made. Abrupt action or moving ahead without proper preparation can be troubling as time passes.

Alternatively, we may feel like we have been stuck forever but are actually holding ourselves back. Are you waiting for that magic moment to come but it never does? Indecision is reason for concern. Anxiety can also be behind our inaction.

We always have freedom of choice even though it may not seem that way. There are times when we need to alter our thoughts or pay less attention to what we might be thinking of doing. Action is available if we choose to move in any direction, but we must make a plan. Assess what is in front of you and then take the appropriate action.

You are ultimately the one that makes your own decisions. You cannot blame others for inaction, and you must take responsibility for your life’s course. Act when it is required. Weigh out your options and do what is best.

It is also important to consider how others will be affected by what you do but in the long run you must do what is best for you. Move forward without expectation and know that life is about to change in some way and it will be exactly what is needed in the long run.

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