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Do not allow yourself to be influenced and weighed down by what others want you to be. There are individuals who are unhappy with who they are and because of this, rather than dealing with their own issues or attitudes towards themselves, they push for others to adapt to their ideas of who we should be. What we see and dislike in others often is something that we do not like within ourselves or something we may fear.

We should never adjust who we are to please others. We can be whomever we want to be and live our lives surrounded by love. No one has the right to judge this. Before we offer an opinion on someone else, which in reality is irrelevant, we need to have a look at ourselves first.

We have the freedom to choose our character traits and follow what feels right for us in that moment. We can focus on the character traits that make us happy and content, rather than those that make us feel less than what we want to be. Freedom of expression if offered through love is our unquestionable right, and we can be ourselves anytime and anywhere.

As mentioned many times, if we do not like what we see within ourselves, acknowledge it and then let it go. In all cases, negative judgement is ego generated. It is our core that truly counts.

We have to recognize this from within and then allow it to surface.

All we need is found in the moment. By living in the perfect moment, this allows our true expression of love to flourish.

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