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The Full Moon is in Pisces at 7° and is conjunct transiting Saturn at 3° 38’ (technically within influence but just).

Full Moon’s energy brings the harvest of an idea or in this case more intuitive insight which would incorporate mystical pursuits, psychic influences, and imaginative inspirations. Much depends on the houses involved and the natal aspects to this positioning in your chart. A full review of the natal chart potential is a must. This does imply however that on some level with a little work something inspirational is blossoming if you utilized the influence of the New Moon in Pisces some 6 months ago.

The type of harvest you experience will depend on the effort you put into it. Will you reap great rewards or will you have to start over and/or simply walk away? The Full Moon energies is often the wrong time to begin again but points towards what you can do when the timing is more suitable.

This may also have something to do with your creative abilities. Perhaps this has something to do with writing, music, or dance. Move ahead with your objectives which are already in place and if the timing is right you can advance to the next stage with others or set the stage for something more personal.

Letting go of anything unwanted might also be part of the energies, but things should be ripe for advancement. You can expect some delays or setbacks due to Saturn’s connection and perhaps some challenge from superiors might also slow things down but listen to advice and see where it might take you moving forward.

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