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On Sunday, October 16, 2016, we will experience a Full Moon in the sign of Aries at 23 degrees. Full Moon cycles are a culmination of our plans or a time to harvest the seeds we planted some six months earlier when the New Moon was in Aries (in this case).

This October 16 Full Moon (called the Hunter or Harvest Full Moon) is in conjunction with transiting Uranus.

Aries is a great sign for new beginning, setting projects in motion and moving forward in your objectives. Whatever you may have begun at the New Moon cycle will now be ripe for harvesting or manifesting. Pushing yourself forward into new directions and applying yourself vigorously and with intent is suggested. Regardless of what area of life this may entail (described by the house position in your Astrology chart) now will be a good time to see what your efforts have manifested.

Uranus involved with these energies often suggests that the plans move forward in somewhat unusual methods, often not in the way you might have originally planned them to go. The end result however will offer the best results, if you have taken the necessary steps for a successful conclusion. Taking shortcuts and moving quickly may be a tendency with this combination (Aries). Although this may work in your favour, it is not suggested as you will have a greater chance for success if you carry out each step one by one.

Uranus seeks freedom of action and pushes you in directions that will create further growth on some level. Uranus acts impulsively as does Aries. The two of these energies together could manifest almost anything of a progressive nature. Uranus suggests that anything that now no longer serves a real purpose should be removed and replaced by something that is more beneficial. Restrictions and challenging conditions will be met head on and dealt with accordingly. Again, our actions under these influences may be somewhat impulsive and even a bit rebellious in their nature. Be mindful.

As mentioned, what you set in motion some six months ago will now go through some changing conditions and you can expect the unexpected. There might be some twists and turns in the process that you were not planning on and the end result might not even look anything like the vision of six months earlier. Uranus’ desire is to make things happen, that actually need to happen. Uranus can create an “ending” of sorts which is required so that something new and more suitable can replace the old, outdated ideas and ways. Uranus’ energies can be suddenness, unexpected and quite unconventional in their approach.

Be ready for some type of change of direction especially if you have other planetary links or angles in the 23 degree range. The more links you have, the greater the potential for unexpected and exciting things to materialize.

Uranus brings change but often these changes are short lived. If this is the case, you will still be affected in positive ways even if they are abrupt and disruptive. The purpose of the changes that take place will be more evident as the events unfolding. Enjoy the ride! It will be an exciting and an unusual experience.

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