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We will be experiencing our first Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 2020 on January 10 at 2:23 p.m. EST.

This Full Moon will be in the sign of Cancer which means it is comfortable as it is in the Moon’s natural rulership and is said to be quite powerful. The house that this eclipse falls in within your personal chart will be the area of life that is affected. Since this eclipse is in Cancer, and at 20 degree, any planet at or near the same degree especially by conjunction, opposition or square will be affected by this eclipse.

Lunar eclipses last in duration of month’s equivalent to the time when we are experiencing the phenomena in hours. Some Astrologers insist that it lasts about 6 months and perhaps lingering effects can make it so. Eclipses often speak of turning points in our lives where we need to take quick action often of something that we have been fighting or contemplating for some time.

The Full Moon is known for a culmination of events and the harvest of the fruits of our labour. It is usually not the time for starting things but the time when we reap what we have sowed. Many fear eclipses because of this and although they often bring stress into the picture, the changes often indicated by eclipses are necessary and many times work out for the best in the long haul. Much will depend on how this eclipse will be activated by other transits as well as signature influences within the natal chart.

This Lunar eclipse is in the sign of Cancer as mentioned and is often accompanied with strong emotion and is often relationship oriented. It may be time to make an important decision perhaps about an important relationship. It is okay to put some energy into what it is that “you” want for yourself and into whatever it is you actually need. It may involve the home and family and could involve your marriage partnership but much will depend on the areas of life that are now activated in your personal chart.

Mercury is also transiting through the same sign (Cancer) and will make a conjunction to this placement suggesting that decision making will be part of the process. Once again this could be challenging emotionally but could very well be best in the long term. The outcome is usually favourable although it may take some time for this to be recognized.

Transiting Pluto and Saturn will also be in opposition to this placement and these two planets do not usually work well together. They speak of authority, obligation, duties, transformation, change and sometimes involves ego disputes. Saturn is demanding and Pluto is the agent of change and often disruption. Because Saturn as well as Pluto are in the sign of Capricorn, there may be some discrepancy between the occupation and obligations to the home and family concerns (due to the sign of Cancer). Anyone directly affected by this may have to decide which area of life one is more relevant than the other. Is achievement more important than family and are you balancing your time between work and home?

Sometimes Eclipses speak of letting go of things or moving in a different direction. Often it is best to not fight what is necessary and allow yourself to take the right path forward.

Sometimes we need to make personal changes and after careful study, we are faced with decisions due to our shadow self being shown and seeing things in the proper light. It is not always easy but changes can occur that will be promising as time unfolds.

Allow life to move along as it should, and do not to get in the way of growth and progress.

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