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The Full Moon will be in Leo at 3 degrees and 29 minutes on January 23, 2016 in our local area (Ontario) at 8:46 p.m. The time and even the day of the Full Moon will vary depending on where you are located in the world.

During this Leo full moon, we will harvest the fruits of our labour that we planted in July, 2015 under the Leo New Moon at 18 degrees Leo. At that time, we would have experienced a time when we could have stepped forward in new and uniquely creative ways. This would have been a time when we could have set in motion something that we would have called our own, something that we could have engraved our own personal stamp on and owned. As mentioned, this could have been on a creative project where we would have held a leadership role. Self-promotion would have had a part of the process. We could have taken some risks and it would not have been promised that we would have been successful, but this drive would have pushed us in the direction we wanted to go.

This could also reflect a personal relationship or a business partnership, although moving forward alone in business would have undoubtedly been the best chance for success. If you decided on moving into a new relationship at this time, there may have been drama attached to it in some way. Nothing slips by Leo without some sort of personal drama showing its face.

The results of your past actions are now available for harvest. All of our hard work may now be paying off. If we did not pursue the idea or relationship with vigor, the harvest will be less bountiful. If our seeds were planted in connection with a personal relationship, we may now be experiencing a new level of commitment, or a finishing off of the relationship, depending on other aspects we have to Leo at 3 degrees in our Astrology chart.

Take a look at your own personal chart and decipher what it promises. The natal chart always holds the energies. The transits and progressions set the stage for what is taking place now.

Continue to organize, make plans and to set things in motion. There are always times that we have to make adjustments to all ventures in life. We may have to have a clear plan as Neptune’s energies may still have influence over us, but we should follow our heart. Our gut instincts may now pay off. If we were diligent when we set things in motion earlier during the New Moon cycle, we can now reap the rewards of our labour.

Children and young people may also play a part in the process. This is a time of play. Enjoyment is enhanced for many and especially thrills seekers. This now is a time of fun and entertainment, but we need to ensure that we keep the reigns in hand and be in control. We should continue setting things in motion and if we do, we can be the energy behind the “roar”. Enjoy the festivities as this is certainly part of the process. This is a time for self-expression and play. Enjoy the thrill of the moment.

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