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We will be experiencing a Full Moon (the flower moon) in the sign of Scorpio on May 10, 2017.

There have been many studies that indicate heightened activity particularly of our emotions during Full and New Moon phases. It has been noted that crimes of violence and passion are heightened during these phases. Aggression and psychosis also seem to be more prevalent. Many individuals fear these Lunar cycles. Although these are documented facts, we must also look into the positive energies during these stages of the Moon.

If the Moon can influence the ocean tides, how can they not influence human beings?

As the Full Moon will be into the Sign of Scorpio at the 20 degree mark, those with natal factors within three degrees of the 20 degree mark will be the ones most influenced by this Full Moon phase. The conjunctions (same degree) indicate an emphasis and high energy. The square (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees) suggests challenging conditions usually attached with some degree of stress, while the sextile (60 degrees) and trine (120 degrees) usually imply free flowing energy released in a positive manner.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign suggesting on rigidity and fixated emotional energy. Scorpio is deep and uncovering the truth in life is part of Scorpio’s energies. There are times when sex plays an important role in this unfolding. Scorpions can be drawn to wild sexual experiences and intensely emotional interaction. Many people when they think of Scorpio characteristics are immediately drawn to a focus sexual acts, although this is most certainly only one small facet of the energies of a Scorpion.

Scorpio, the seeker of truth, has a fascination for the unknown and is attracted to the occult, spiritual energies and self-regeneration through transformative experiences (often linked to connections in these areas of life).

The Full Moon is the harvest time (reap what you have sowed) or culmination of efforts and goals often set in motion some six months ago. It is a time to reap the rewards or experience the shortfalls of what was begun back when the new Moon was also in the sign of Scorpio (last November).

Although it is not suggested that anything of a violent nature will be unfolding during this time, it is suggested that you steer clear of any foreseeable violent potential in any given situation. Be safe and on your watch for the unexpected, just to be safe. If Pluto and Mars and/or Uranus are involved in the configuration within your personal chart, it is advised that you take particular care in the coming days to not put yourself in harm’s way. The violence could also come from you through over aggressive reactions and explosive responses. Be wary!

As mentioned, Scorpio loves to go deep. What hidden emotions have you buried deep? This full moon may bring them to the surface as the moon is connected to our emotions. Do not fight the process. Utilize these energies to help deal with all that is buried and release permanently what you have been avoiding. An uncomfortable process can have a wonderful outcome.

Check your natal chart to see which house the Full Moon will be transiting as this will foretell the areas of life being activated. For example if the full moon will be in your sixth house, your working environment or health could be part of the process as it unfolds. If the 12th house is involved, the subconscious and psychic connections will be activated. Places of confinement such as hospitals, or prisons could all be activated with the 12th house involvement. If the Full Moon is in your tenth house, your occupation, your status in life, your goals, aspirations and ambitions may be part of the energies affected.

Do not fear the Full Moon or the New Moon for that matter. Use their energies to help with your own personal growth and activate the energies so that they unfold in ways that add positive influences in your life. These goals should not only aid you but also help others along their particular path in life. Life and all of the energies involved are to be shared. Are you utilizing these energies to the best of your ability?

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