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We will be experiencing a Full Moon (known as the Beaver Moon) in the sign of Taurus on November 4, 2017. It is at 11 degrees and those individuals that have planets on/or near this degree will be especially influenced by this Full Moon. You can allow about a 5 degree orb of influence. If you have a planet from 6 to 16 degrees of any sign, this full Moon’s energies will be influencing such a planet in your chart. Those with Planets between these degrees in Aquarius (square aspect), Leo (square aspect) or Scorpio (opposition aspect) will feel the full moon’s effects strongly.

It has been mentioned to us through several sources that the energies in the past couple of weeks seem to have been rather chaotic. The Full Moon (which is how an individual expressed this energy) can have a profound effect on others which in turn can affect us in our own personal lives. Some suggest that people seem to be behaving rather abrupt or expressing themselves through anger of late. This would certainly be reflective of the energies of Pluto or Mars. Some have mentioned that these energies feel erratic and unpredictable, maybe even a little bizarre and this sounds much like the energies of Uranus.

Currently we have Neptune (which can make things a little irrational) at 11 degrees Pisces, (sextile) and although the energies attached to sextiles usually speak in terms of opportunities, Neptune can make things a little unclear and mysterious. Linked with the sign of Taurus, this could relate to finances or security issues. It does appear as though things will eventually work out well in the long haul although some push may be necessary in order to clear the air.

Pluto is at 17 degrees Capricorn and although out by 6 degrees might still have residual effects. This is a trine aspect suggesting easy flow of energies and opportunities especially in earth matters, such as business and calculated efforts towards achievement. Pluto is disruptive and can cause some strife even though you may be working in a favourable manner towards these goals. You may have to defend your actions and fight for your cause but once again, the energies are flowing well suggesting more than average opportunities for advancement.

The energies might be completely different when you review the aspects in your own personal chart. What we are speaking of in this post are the energies which will affect everyone in general without taking into consideration the aspects’ energies within an individual’s birth chart. Much of course depends on how you handle these energies and the Full Moon is always attached to the harvest of what has been put in place. If you find that the advancement that you have been working towards looks favourable at this time, you can make the final adjustments and push ahead. If you find that the work you have put into a project does not look overly plausible perhaps you need to tweak things a little, or if things are not working at all, it might be time to let things go and begin anew.

Taurus is about building structures in life that will stand the test of time. We are to slowly and persistently working towards this end. You will notice that things may be moving slower than you would like but still progressing. Taurus is slow but sure. You have to remain steadfast and true to yourself, stay attuned to the energies, and make the best out of the situation.

A failure, which is possible, is only a failure if this is how you wish to perceive it. We always learn from our actions and this makes everything beneficial on some level.

Enjoy harvesting the Taurus energies and putting them to good use.

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