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On June 14, 2022 @ 7:51 a.m. EDT, we will experience a Super Strawberry Full Moon @ 23° Sagittarius.

This Full Moon’s energies are culminative of what began 6 months ago when the New Moon was in Sagittarius. What was started then is now reaching fruition and the effort and action taken will be reflected into the area of life indicated by the house where the Full Moon is located (house placement of 23° Sagittarius) in our personal chart.

Look to see if this lunar aspect is playing an important role in your life in your birth chart. Confirm if there are any conjunctions or oppositions to this placement. The squares, sextiles and trines also have a part if formed, but the conjunction and opposition have the strongest impacts. Any planets or angles must be within three degrees of this placement to have an impact.

A Full Moon in Sagittarius can be linked to life’s philosophies, broadening life’s view and opening doors to spirituality. This can be a time for adventure; perhaps you have been planning a trip or holiday; now is the time for it to unfold. The outdoors and wide-open spaces are appealing now and you seek freedom and peace through aligning with nature. You can roam, be free and gain insight into the wonders of life and nature in all its splendor.

Neptune @ 25° Pisces is making a square to the positioning of the Full Moon. Squares add a little challenge to situations. With Neptune it might suggest seeing things as they are and not being led astray by wishful thinking. If T Neptune is moving through the7th house in your chart perhaps this has to do with business associates or the partner on some level. If it is moving through the 11th house and linked up with this lunar position perhaps friendship or groups that you might be involved with or are perhaps thinking about joining might be part of the picture. Squares, although they often bring challenges, are insistent enough and irritating enough to force you into action which often helps to alleviate the difficulty.

Saturn @ 25° Aquarius makes a sextile to this placement and the knowledge that you seek may unfold. Perhaps you need time off from your busy schedule (10th house) or time with the kids and a general time for fun (5th house) is what is required. Saturn required diligent effort, hard work and is known as the teacher. The sextile speaks of opportunities to gain rewards. It brings realism into the picture and adds a solid foundation to what you have been working towards.

Take advantage of the energies of this Sag Full Moon!

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