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On Monday, June 17, 2019, at 4:31 a.m. EDT, we will be enjoying a Full Moon at 25 degrees in the sign of Sagittarius.

A Full Moon is the time to harvest the seeds we have planted and nurtured in life. It is the time to enjoy the results of our efforts. The plans set in motion have reached a point where we can view our objectives and realize our progress, or reset our focus and make changes. If we find that the seeds have been sowed in barren soil, it may be the time to walk away from our fruitless efforts.

Sagittarius has to do with life’s philosophy and spiritual undertakings. In many cases Sagittarius’ energies can also be related to visionary quests with religious overtones (not necessarily traditional). Sagittarius is optimistic and open-minded. A Sagittarius influence wishes for nothing better than to offer up something positive that is growth oriented.

Sagittarius has big ideas and expansion is part of its process. There are no half-measures and in many ways it’s all or nothing. When Sagittarius is involved, getting back up on our feet if we are to fall is not that difficult and beginning again is always an option.

It will be important to take into consideration what house 25 degrees of Sagittarius falls within in your natal chart. This will be the area of life that is now ready for growth and expansion. Part of the process, however, is to be realistic in your approach and not to expect way too much. Take one step at a time. Being patient and consistent over the long haul will prove rewarding more often than not. Shooting for the stars is always a good idea but falling short might be more reasonable. The higher you aim, the greater the reward but do not allow ego or your expectations cause a feeling of failure if you fall short. Focus on what was accomplished not what fell short.

It will be important for you to check your natal chart and see if any planets or angles fall in conjunction or opposition to this degree of Sagittarius at 25. The conjunction will tie in to the position of the Moon while the opposition will tie in with the position of the Sun. Full Moons are always in direct opposition to the Sun, while New Moons are always in conjunction with the Sun. The more planets that you have in your natal chart in and around 25 degrees, the stronger the influence of this Full Moon’s placement in your personal Astrology chart.

What is your chart telling you? How can you take advantage of the energies available?

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