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On April 6, 2023, @ 12:34 am EDT we will enjoy the energies of a Full Moon @ 16° Libra. Any individual with planets or angles within 3° either in conjunction, opposition and to a lesser degree square, trine and sextile to this placement will be touched by these energies.

During the Full Moon we reap what we sow. The seeds for this Full Moon were sown 6 months ago during the Libra New Moon. If we worked hard to nurture these seeds we will now reap the rewards.

Because the Full Moon is in Libra this may focus on important relationships. The desire for love and affection now runs high. This is not just for what our needs might be; it is also focused on what other may need. We may even put other people’s needs ahead of our own. For those with a strong emphasis in Aries this might be what is needed. For those with a strong Libra influence they may want to consider their own needs too. Balance is what is required currently.

Harmony and fairness are important factors. Too much emphasis on other peoples’ needs might sway matters at hand. Justice is important. Perhaps you need to be the judge on which way the pendulum swings under this influence.

Much will depend on the houses involved and the planets that are being affected as these relate to the areas of life being affected. Oppositions often include other people but in many cases they tend to rule what unfolds and may impose upon you. Conjunctions blend the energies of the planets involved and often suggest an intense period, reconciliation, alignment or perhaps making changes or starting over. Again, much depends on the planets involved, the angles affected and the natal potential in the birth chart. The birth chart tells the story, and this positioning adds to the flavor of the outcome.

Although Astrology points us in the appropriate direction, we make the decisions to act or sit back. Make this a memorable time in life by moving in the appropriate direction that most suits the moment.

All the best with the energies of this Libra Full Moon.

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