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The upcoming Lunar Eclipse on November 19, 2021 is located at 27 degrees Taurus and has transiting Pluto trine to this placement at 24 degrees, and 47 minutes and transiting Jupiter is square at 24 degrees. The eclipse begins at 3:57 am EST, so you would have to be up early to visually enjoy this phenomenon.

Although the planets Pluto and Jupiter are just within range of influence (three degrees is the furthest placement for influence) they still play a part in what is unfolding. For this placement to have a profound effect on your birth chart you will need to have planets in or around this degree by conjunction, opposition or square. The trine and sextile also apply but are less intense.

Lunar Eclipse seeks to purge and rectify any situations that are no longer valid to your evolution. If people stand in your way or work needs to shift and other conditions in life need alterations this is the time to bring into fruition something that ties in with these areas of life. The house position of this Lunar eclipse in your chart will help define the area of life involved.

The energies of a Lunar Eclipse often lasts approximately three months, and some Astrologers agree that the influence is tied to the duration of the Lunar Eclipse. (Hours to months equation). Because this is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse what is being produced began approximately six months ago. The fruits of your labor now are ready for harvest. The seeds planted are ripe and ready for picking as the saying goes.

Since this Full Moon is in the sign of Taurus in many ways we seek to solidify and construct something that builds our security and steadies our future. Sometimes this is related to the finances, sometimes to objectives that can propel us ahead. In many cases these avenues of expression are tied to earthly matters and physical conditions.

The trine from Pluto although somewhat weak suggests that transformations are at hand and something new is now being built out of the ashes of what once was and no longer serves a purpose. Transformations can be difficult and due to the influence of Taurus we may not like where we are and because of the steadying affects of Taurus we might not want to change even if situations are unfavorable. Pluto is the agent of change and disruption, and in many ways, it brings about an ending of sorts so that something new can begin.

The square from Jupiter although weak brings expansion and feelings of being able to do anything although be advised to think and use reason before you plunge into action. The square can be somewhat upsetting and often brings obstacle to overcome before we can move ahead. Squares however often produce enough stress that they force us into action to find relief.

As we work our way forward purging what no longer serves us, keep in mind that we can move ahead but not without some contemplation. Check the timing of this event with other mitigating factors in your natal chart and transits and progressions to find the best approach as this eclipse unfolds over the next three months or so.

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