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On March 7, 2023, we will experience a Full Moon in the sign of Virgo @ 16°. Virgo tends to see all the little and important details. Virgo is calculated, detail oriented, and seeks perfection (at least the closest thing to it). This will be a time of organization and putting things in order, a time for reflection on what took place some six months ago when this all began with the New Moon in Virgo.

T Jupiter (13°) and Venus (17°) in Aries are both making a quincunx to this placement of the moon. This often suggests that there are some challenges, alterations and adjustments at hand. You will see the results of what has been in play for the past six months. You may need to address the situation. Venus and Jupiter are very favourable planets and bring good luck, love and affection and in general promising outcomes, so this may not be a hard lesson, but adjustments are often part of the requirement.

Perhaps goals have not unfolded the way you might have wanted them to. Make some changes. Perhaps things are not flowing smoothly so you must adjust to the situation or make alterations to what is in place. This could be a relationship but likely relates to some type of obligation, duty or service. It could be related to your occupation and the working environment especially if the 10th or 6th houses are involved.

T Uranus is also part of this configuration making a trine to this placement at 15° Taurus. Uranus in favourable aspect can bring changes of direction, sudden and unexpected turns of events moving you in a whole new direction. Uranus opens the door to realization and pushes us to move in the appropriate direction. The past environment no longer suits where you now need to be. Change is a given and it may take a while to settle in. This is not a bad thing although often people are not comfortable with change.

It is time to get your life in order and make some adjustment so that what needs to unfold can and will. Be ready for change and do not work against the flow of life. You will be learning valuable lessons along the way. Expect the unexpected and allow what is needed to take you where you need to go.

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