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On September 10, 2022 we will experience a Full Moon in Pisces at 17°. It forms a sextile with transiting Uranus at 18° Taurus.

This Piscean Full Moon (second decant) signifies deep-set emotion and a wish to help those less fortunate. Some will venture into volunteer work in hospitals, nursing homes or places of confinement. In some cases, due to this being in the second decant, the family will be the concerning element. Look to conjunctions, oppositions, and squares within 3 to 5° of separation. The closer the aspect the stronger the influence. Angles to this 17° Full moon especially by conjunction can have remarkable influences over the coming month and lasting up to 6 months.

Pisces wants nothing more than to be of service especially for those less fortunate. This can be an intense emotional intervention, and you may be of great service for someone in need of support. Look especially at the opposition because in most cases someone else is involved. It may be hard for you to accept or work with individuals if you take on their emotional baggage. You will need to separate yourself from their experiences and realize that things happened for a reason.

The sextile from T Uranus will bring some form of change. Uranus tends to create or be part of situations which no longer serve a purpose and will push for a shift or at least a change in perspective (sometimes through disruptive channels). In many cases the changes will happen suddenly. The sextile suggests that an opportunity is at hand and in many cases, we must provoke the change to take place or more disruptive elements will result.

For those with artistic talents this can be a time to harvest their efforts which may have begun 6 months ago. It should be noted that every Full Moon has to do with a culmination point and we reap the rewards of the effort we exerted. If you have been implementing a foundation that is sturdy and steadfast then this Full Moon can be quite rewarding, but if you have been sitting back not putting forth any effort the results may not be what you were hoping for.

The house position of the Full Moon and the planetary energies associated with 17° Pisces, along with the angles (MC, DC, IC and ASC) will define what may be taking place.

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