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There are periods in life when you feel as though you are at a standstill and then suddenly the winds change and life gains momentum.

What seemed almost impossible a few days before could now seem within reach and your view on life changes dramatically. You will notice that just prior to the change you adjusted your point of view or your focus or simple let go of the stress.

Your state of mind plays a significant role in any advancement. Your thought patterns and beliefs are what hold you back or push you forward (depending on what focus you have). You can regain momentum as soon as you jump out of the cloud of self-pity or if you ride the wave of faith. Once you come to terms that your attitude creates your reality, the tide of new beginnings flows freely.

Many hold fast to the idea that life is at fault and they never accept responsibility for their lives. Once we accept responsibility, we also accept control. Once we have control, we can move forward. Realize the power of your thoughts. Know the strength of your focus.

This may sound as though it goes against our need to let go and let God but with faith comes a knowing that we are one with Source. Source is love. Through love, we can only have a positive focus. Love nurtures and expands. Love neither is a part of blame nor does it find fault. Love is open and accepting. Love sees the good in all things. Through focus on this, we take control of where our life is heading and will see the good in even moment of every day.

Realize your part in the process and nurture your life through your focus, through faith that life is on track and through gratitude for every experience.

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