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Gathering Momentum

As we begrudgingly relinquish control of our destiny to our guides and our fate and we let go of the ego’s desire to maintain control, we notice new insights and an awakening taking place. It is the ego’s hold that keeps us grounded and stops us from entering into the mystical, magical world around us. Control can be an issue and the ego always had a dominant affect on our life’s conditions, whether it is beneficial or challenging.

It is difficult for the ego to release control and for us to accept that life will unfold in its own time and in its own fashion. We move ahead at our own rate of progress and as the channels begin to open, we will make internal changes that will help facilitate this ongoing change that occurs within and as well as on a outer more global scale.

We are not alone on our quest as many travel the same journey. Everyone we meeting, in their own way, will draw our attention to new and wonderful enlightenment. Each one of us has our own channel of perception and we can assist others in tuning into these channels.

We also receive assistance from our guides that are not of this dimension. These enlightened beings that have left behind the physical demands and the influence of ego come into our lives when we need them most. This too is our path and we are ever expanding our awareness and coming closer to this gateway known as enlightenment, being here in the now.

We proceed on our quest, each experiencing the obstacles we need to overcome which promotes our growth. Our attitude and our expectations will dictate which route we take as we approach the forks on our path.

Letting go of our specific life’s course will allow the true guide to lead the way, lessening the unnecessary obstacle and allowing the true lessons to be learned and applied as required to reach our destiny.

We know we are repeating ourselves but it is so important to accept that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. We are not our bodies, or our thoughts. We are the light, the energy which radiates within. This is our true selves; this is our essence.

With this in mind, are we not here to be open to all of life’s experiences and to continually learn as life unfolds?

We are here to explore and learn from the physical world, with all its wonders. We are not here to suffer or stagnate. All experiences are temporary. Allow the lesson to be learned so that you can live life to its fullest through love and compassion and allow ourselves to see these qualities within each soul that walks this path with us.

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