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(Aspects to Saturn and Pluto)

In our post on May 20, 2019, for Sun in Gemini, we discussed Jupiter in Sagittarius in opposition to the Sun in Gemini.

Today, we will do a mini-forecast including the quincunx from Saturn and Pluto which are both in the sign of Capricorn. This conjunction of Saturn and Pluto will be affecting everyone who has a natal planet close to the positioning of these transiting planets. For those with their Sun in Gemini around the 20 degree mark, this quincunx will be especially emphasised. Remember to have a look at which house these two planets are found within in the natal chart and also which house your Sun is located in. These are areas of life that will be affected by these current quincunxes.

A quincunx or inconjunct is an aspect of 150 degrees and implies that an adjustment is necessary. Saturn and Pluto together can have profound effects. These energies suggest that there is a powerful need for regeneration and transformation while at the same time there is a battle taking place to keep things in order as well as keeping them much the same.

These energies in many ways are opposing forces as Pluto will initiate change while Saturn wishes to keep whatever is already in place. Remember, changes that take place when Pluto is in force will be required changes. These energies point us in a direction that over time we will recognize as essential.

Since the Sun has strong ties to our goals and aspirations, we may be required to make adjustments or alterations to the plans that we might already have put in place. It may be a fine tuning that is needed or alternatively, we may have to let go of what has been started and begin anew.

The Sun also speaks of our inner core and this upcoming period may be a time when we go beneath the surface and dig deep to uncover anything that needs to surface and be re-examined (remember we are speaking specifically to those that have this aspect in their chart). It may be time to make some changes so that in the future we have a solid structure in place that will be of a permanent nature. Nothing can be done in half measures with these planets, and we should pay close attention to what is being presented to us.

The energies between Pluto and Saturn can also be destructive and quite powerful. There can be aggressive intervention on some level that comes to the forefront and will be influencing others. This is especially true if there are other planets in the birth chart that make major aspects to this combination. Squares and Oppositions are especially powerful, although not usually as powerful as the conjunction; much will depend on what planets are being activated by this conjunction of Saturn and Pluto.

Pluto not only indicates transformation and change, it should also be noted that creative change is part of the profile of Pluto and Saturn, although the process may be somewhat difficult and perhaps even intrusive.

Many Astrologers will look at this upcoming transit with some concern; however it is always best to have a positive outlook and to recognize that a positive outcome over time is highly likely. Pay attention to this transit but do not allow yourself to go to extremes with it. Recognize it as a need for change and transformation in your life expressed through the houses they will be residing in. Do not take anything for granted. It is better in this case to move ahead with what you believe these energies are about than to try to ignore what is unfolding in your life.

These planets will be in tight conjunction in January of 2020 when they will be at 22-23 degrees Capricorn.

Enjoy life and participate in its unfolding.

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