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It would seem that many of us have been brought into this life to work as healers, some as traditional health care workers such as a doctor or nurse and some as energy workers using hands-on healing modalities (Reiki, EFT, The Bars, etc.). Some are gifted counselors and therapists and some bring with them psychic abilities and healing qualities brought forward from past lives or God-given talents. Some use the gift of herbs, plants and nutrition to assist healing and keep the body and mind strong. Some of us heal through simple gestures and kind words, and this form of healing should never be belittled or considered minor in any way.

There are the few who feel that they have no gift to embrace and nothing to offer. If you feel this way, review the chatter of ego to rid doubt and maintain a positive mental focus. We all have our gifts and special talents, and not one of these gifts outweighs any other. We are all here to help others and to gain in insight and knowledge by practice and sharing our gifts as well as practicing self-healing. Through selfless healing we not only help others, we are also helping ourselves.

Each of us can aid and lessen in the suffering that is around us using whatever gifts we have been provided. Many individuals around us struggle (silently and alone). We can break through this cloak of desolation, fear, pain.....through very simple acts of kindness.

No kind act is inconsequential and anything we do in a positive manner helps to raise the vibration of our existence and these positive waves ripple far beyond our reach.

Currently, it feels as though we are in the midst of a transition. Can we not lessen the burden of others by utilizing our personal gifts? These gifts are meant to shine and be shared. A gift is no longer a gift if it is locked away for safekeeping. Humanity exists as one whole unit. What we do for others, we also do for ourselves. If we raise the energies of humanity, we are raising our own vibration.

Let’s bask in the sea of giving and love.

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