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Do you ever feel like life is taking you for a ride, one that moves you in directions that you had not planned for which do not feel all that comfortable?

Some of us fight the process while others will accept what is taking hold and go with the flow. Unless you foreseeable disaster ahead, it may be best to go with the flow rather than paddling upstream against the current.

It is not easy to let go and for those that feel they need control and a hand in the way life unfolds it may be difficult to understand or accept that some things are out of our control. There may be inner power struggles with self, challenges that must be met, yet some things just need to be accepted.

Does your current path hurt others or hurt you personally?

There may be a lot to take into consideration when pushing for change.

Sometimes life changes direction at what seems to be the most inappropriate times and we just need to accept and move on. Yet sometimes we need to take a stand and stand up for what we believe in.

Life moves in different directions throughout our journey. We truly do not know where it will take us next. It is not always an easy path but we need to pick our battles. Is it worth fighting for and how is it affecting us personally and others?

How is our frame of mind concerning the situation?

Do we have to make some compromise, or do we need to reflect and think things over?

What is the best resolution for all concerned and what can we do to make the transition easier?

Do we go with the flow or paddle against the current?

The answers to these questions will vary depending on each situation.

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