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Even with our positive thinking, channelling the mind, positively dealing with stressful circumstances that crop up in our lives, it still, at times, can be difficult to accept that good people have to go through so many difficult experiences.

The road of life certainly has a tendency to push and pull us in different directions. All of us have been involved in some difficult situations and I do not know of anyone who has not had challenging routes to walk. When we think of karma, it is easy to associated karma or pay back to those that we label as corrupt. Karma is appropriate when we think of what is owed to such self-centred individuals. It feels just and fair, and in most cases, we feel the payback is of their own making.

So why do good people also have such difficulties?

If there is reincarnation, karma might make more sense as the karmic ties may be from events that occurs prior to this life. Why then do we, in our new chosen life, have to pay for actions that we cannot recall?

Whether these difficult events in life are ties to past lives or not, we cannot eliminate the fact that the lessons must certainly be necessary for the soul’s growth. Maybe these events are not karmic at all. As human, living this earthly existence with our limited understanding, it is difficult to comprehend the “whys” behind events. We do understand, however, that nothing in life is co-incidental and all events benefit the growth and expansion of our higher self.

Our reaction to life’s events is our choice. We can get caught up in the events and bask in self pity and the “whys” or we can accept, acknowledge and move forward with a better understanding. The amount of time that an event affects our lives simply through our focus is in our hands. There are times that we will face life events that we will never understand the purpose behind but it is inevitable that we accept in order to move beyond the lesson.

Perhaps someday, we will understand, but until that then, we can choose to continue our journey with our minds open to all possibilities. The truth shall be revealed to us someday, but until then swim with the current of life. It is the route of least resistance.

If we welcome good karma with open arms, all things do balance and we should be open to accepting our difficult karma when it is due whether we understand it or not. We can continually build good karma in this life which will not only positively add to our future karma, but will also help to balance some of the more challenging conditions that we experience in this life. We can do this for ourselves, not just to build on our good karma, but because it is appropriate and it is how we wish to live out our lives.

There are hard lessons to learn. There are times when life does not seem fair, but we are always at the helm of our response and our focus. We can make attitude changes that will not only affect our lives today but will build a future for us that will carry us forward beyond death.

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