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Living in the moment and experiencing the now is all we are guaranteed. Expectations and living in the past set us up for emotional wounds and disappointment.

Life is always taking us where we need to go. Many of us believe that there are much greater forces at work. Let go and let God, some would suggest. Others want to have a hand in all that unfolds. Perhaps a balanced blend of both is what is required.

We have seen some suggest that we should move forward without any expectations. Others suggest that we hold on to what is dear and meaningful and maintain these as our focus.

What feels right to you?

What do you feel you need to do or not do because of the conditions in your life?

The answer can be found deep within. Sometimes the answer is not what we want to hear so we ignore it. Do not get stuck on “why”, “should have” or “could have”. Life is about moving forward. You cannot stay back in the mindset of regret. It is not productive and robs you of living.

Do not personally own events. They are experiences which are not a part of you. Allow yourself the freedom you need to move forward. Listen to the voice within. Listening through quiet meditation often produces the answers. There is a greater force within that.

If you are struggling, ask for advice or assistance. You do not have to do it alone.

Experience your journey fully by living in the moment. The past is but a memory. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Right now is yours! Experience with it!

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