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What would it take for us to find a place of peace.... a place of being in alignment?

Our mental and emotional feelings of contentment either become enriched or slowly deteriorate due to our focus it affects our various states of being. Our input and attitude have complete impact on how we feel and what we are able to orchestrate into our world.

We cannot expect to be healthy or have regenerative potential if we are coming from a place of dis-“ease”. We are not open to the power of healing when we are stuck in an attitude that projects negativity in our world for this attitude only serves to hinder our lives.

If we are blaming specific situations in our lives for standing in the way of finding peace and contentment, we have to do something to change these situations or change our attitude towards the situations in order to make life unfold on a more promising fashion. If it is the people around us that we blame for standing in our way of happiness, then we have to do something to change how we look at their influence on our lives. Perhaps we need to move away from their influence or redirect our perception of who they are or what they are doing. In most cases, a change of attitude is all that is needed and we do not have to do something dramatic to change how we feel about their influence in our lives.

We have the ability to change life’s direction with our thoughts, but if there is physical, emotionally or mental injury, it would be best to remove ourselves from their influence. If we are simply frustrated at life in general, be sure to reflect on the real causes of our unhappiness before we take drastic steps to correct issues that can be corrected simply by changing our attitudes.

The body reacts to both internal and external stimuli. Our attitude and external events or circumstances influence our lives. Taking the necessary time to reflect is imperative. Once we have taken an honest look at our circumstances, we can make an informed decision as to what steps we might need to take.

We are never in a place where we can do nothing to help ease or alleviate uncomfortable or undesirable conditions. Often the answer is not as challenging as the situation might first appear and a minor adjustment is all that is needed.

We are in control of our lives. Life is not controlling us unless we allow it to. Attitude and belief structure along with expectations are always ours to change.

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