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Often our health and overall wellbeing go hand in hand. Our overall lack of wellbeing often shows in our health and if we stay in a more stressed or negative mental state for any prolonged length of time, our physical health will suffer because of it. To maintain good health, it is not only important to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly but to also surround ourselves with people who lift us up emotionally and to eliminate stress in our lives.

Some of us may have to overhaul our belief structures and make changes to where we place our focus of how we see our lives. Others of us will have to weigh out the true value of what we feel is important in our lives such as our jobs, our relationships and even our lifestyles.

Some of us may feel trapped by life conditions. If we remove the fear, are we truly trapped?

Not all health issues are life style choices. It is believed that some of us have come into this life with tremendously challenging conditions by spiritual choice. Some have chronic or incurable physical conditions. Many individuals that are here to learn from their physical limitations have a wonderful outlook on their lives and we can learn so much from them. They rarely complain about their lives. They have accepted their journey and challenges and light the path of many of us.

I have heard it said time and time again from parent of children who live with mental challenges that their children have taught them much more than they will ever be able to teach their children. This is certainly something to think about.

Our mental attitude towards everything in life is the key to the quality of our lives. It is not always our mental approach that defines the events or circumstances of our lives, but in general, the quality of our lives particularly our health runs parallel with our attitude towards our lives. That specific piece in our lives, we have control over. If we are feeling unwell or anxious take a few minutes to see what you might do to help alleviate these conditions. Make whatever changes you can particularly in connection with your outlook or attitude. You might be pleasantly surprised at how life seems to turn around.

Do you allow ourselves to be a victim of life or do you push yourself to be student of life?

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