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Healthing and Nuturing

Taking care of others can be done on many levels and can be carried out by anyone regardless of age, gender or even geographical long distance.

Loving and nurturing others is our prime objective in this life, but before we can truly heal others, we have to spend time on ourselves.

In order to be healthy physically and emotionally, it is important to review and recognize any problematic conditions that we are hanging on to. We cannot remove or heal ailments until we recognize that they are there and recognize that most conditions have been created within are a result of our attitude and thought patterns.

Problems often appear after a traumatic incident or stressful period in our lives. If not fully dealt with immediately, these events may scar us on a very deep emotional level which eventually materializes as a health issue. No matter how traumatic the incident may have been and regardless of who can be “blamed” from the event, it is our choice whether we harbour negative emotions (anger, blame, rage, self pity, etc.) around the events and whether we choose to make these events our own (make them personal and own them). We have to face them head on, and accept that they have happened. We may not have initiated the event but it is certainly our choice whether we will hang on to the experience and allow it to keep influencing our life. It is our choice if we are going to let it go, move forward and accept the lesson but not own it. The acceptance and release will also influence our lives but in a much more positive way than holding on.

We have the power to heal all wounds and these capabilities come from within. We will not find the true solutions to our challenge from external forces. Only we can release ourselves from the grips of our experience and allow the past to stay in the past. Forgiving is part of the solution, but in many cases there is something linked to forgiving ourselves as often we take on the events, emotionally connecting to the events and make them personal.

Revenge is always anti-climactic and never provides the satisfaction anticipated. It only services to tether us to the raw emotions of the past. Forgiveness allows us to let go and move forward. Forgiveness is essential for our personal healing. Forgive for your own personal sake, if for no other reason.

There is a part in most of us that wants to assist others in their times of trouble. A caring, nurturing friend is a wonderful medicine. Loving and nurturing others is our prime objective in this life, but those that we offer assistance to must first want to help themselves. Unfortunately, there are people that perpetually live under a negative attitude and they refuse to take responsibility and to do the work necessary to move beyond their less than positive focus.

Healing can be done on many levels and through positive focus and receiving healing energy from those who want to assist, healing can begin. We are all connected on some level or another. We share feelings, thoughts and can transfer energy that can assist those in need. Each one of us are conduits for healing energy but the acceptance of these energies will only flow without restriction when the recipients have cleared any obstructions they have created from within.

Be a conduit for healing energy. Send out loving vibrations to those that are in need. We can be this agent by offering loving, light and healing energy.


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