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Are you hopeful?

Is a change in your focus required?

Getting caught up in life’s struggles can be a hard habit to break. As mentioned in many previous posts, control of our focus is a staple. Our focus amplifies whatever we are focused on. It can create peace if that is our focus or it can amplify chaos if that is where we focus.

When we reach out for help or go within for direction, we begin the process of opening the door to hope and the eventual light that follows. Hope is the first step in creating change.

From hope we step into “knowing”. When we foster knowing, life begins to shift. We are becoming aware of the thought process and how it dictates our life. We can now know beyond doubt that the shift we are looking for begins with us.

Enlightenment stems from this process. As we open the door to encourage it, we release doubt and anxiety. Enlightenment is the knowing process brought forward by eliminating any thoughts of defeat. We allow ourselves to be enlightened beings simply by following the thoughts that bring us peace.

This may not happen overnight. We have programmed ourselves to allow stress and anxiety for most of our lives. The truth, however, is now accessible through our attitude of change. It has always been available but we have not allowed it. You and you alone hold the key to advancing this. Believe in yourself and be open. You will achieve whatever you set out to. Will it be hope and enlightenment?

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