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We have received inquiries as to what activates a planet’s energies in an Astrology chart.

We are going to use Pluto as our example for this purpose. Let’s say that Transiting (Current position) Pluto has been in Conjunction with your natal (birth position) Venus for some time now. Pluto will move very slowly through the heavens. It can affect your Venus for up to three years and for people very sensitive to the energies of Pluto, Pluto’s influence could last as long as five years. Pluto on Venus suggests transformation in your love life or changes directly related to your finances. There are other translations but we will stick to these predominate obvious couple.

We will not discuss the meaning of Transiting Pluto on Venus in detail. What we are concentrating on is “when” this aspect will be enhanced and when to expect activity. The closer transiting Pluto moves towards being direct in this example, (in other words when it is less than one degree in separation or moving towards the specific degree of Venus in your chart), the stronger it becomes.

You ask, however, “what actually activates this transit?” It might become activated when it sits directly on Venus, within 10 minutes or so, but more than likely, it will become activated when Pluto is within range, (so under a half of a degree from Venus’ position), and an inner planet will activate this transit.

The inner planets that activate energies or stimulate action are Mars and the Sun (also Uranus, an outer planet, when it is direct). You can often use Uranus to pinpoint the timing for events within a couple of days. The progressed Moon also stimulates activity and this takes place the closer it is to being direct (same degree). The progressed Moon has an influence for a period of three months, when in aspect. The influence from the progress Moon is when it is one degree approaching, while direct and one degree separating.

For example, if Venus is 15 degrees Capricorn in your chart, as Pluto begins to affect Venus, you will notice some activity, at least on a mental level. When Pluto is about 1 degree or less of being direct, its energies will grow in intensity as it approaches. If transiting Mars or the transiting Sun is moving towards this 15 degree Capricorn, or in opposition (180 degrees) to this degree or in square (90 degrees) to this degree, it will stimulate activity and bring out the potential of what these energies suggest in your chart.

You will also have to look at which house is being transited by Pluto as well as the house natal Pluto resides in within the birth chart as these will be the areas of life that will be affected by this transit of Pluto to Venus.

The trines (120 degrees) and sextiles (60 degrees) from transiting Sun and Mars will also affect the timing but it may not be as noticeable as the square (90 degrees) or opposition (180 degrees) and especially by the conjunction (0 degrees).

The conjunction is widely used as a timer in Astrology. Checking to see when this is activated either from the Sun or Mars will help you to pinpoint the potential for activity. You may be able to narrow down the time to one or two weeks. As mentioned, the progressed Moon especially by conjunction will often activate any planet it makes contact with, and you can often use this as a tool for pinpointing timing as well.

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