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How Time Forecasts in Astrology

When we forecast events through astrological, we look at the outer planets. The movement or transit of the outer planets has a longer influence or effect on us.

Using transiting Pluto as an example, its energy speaks in terms of transformation and often through some type of struggle. This could refer to changes that are necessary because we are no longer advancing in life. This may include a change in direction in our working environment when the MC is involved and this would also affect our home and family life as the IC will also be involved (they are opposites). We may also be going through a transformation in our personal life. It could feel as though it is a new start after some change which could have been a struggle. Sometimes this is reflects into our relationships when the Ascendant and DC are activated.

These transformations and often life changing events become more active the closer Pluto moves to one of these angles in our Astrology chart. We usually begin to feel the effects when transiting Pluto is about 5 degrees approaching and it intensifies as it moves into contact (0 degrees) and becomes direct. The strongest effect will be when the aspect between the angle and Pluto becomes direct or less than one degree apart. The closer to zero degrees apart, when we are speaking about the conjunction, the more powerful the energies.

Often when a Planet is within one degree of being direct it takes an inner planet to create an activity related to these events. Transiting Mars and the transiting Sun often create the needed push to activate the energies already in play. These links can be quite precise in timing the events, although it is still wise to give the energies a few weeks to unfold. Transiting Uranus on its own is often enough energy to create an activity or event, sometimes forecastable to within a few weeks as well. The progressed Moon is often good to use for forecasting the timing of events to unfold and timing can be adjusted to within one month. There are times when you can predict an event within a few days if the energies are strong enough.

One planetary link is not enough to actually confirm an event. You need at least three different aspects each telling the same story to have the potential for an activity to take place. To see if there are aspects you can use to forecast in your own Astrology (Transit) chart, check to see if you have other transits affecting the same area of life, dictated by the house positions. Also have a look at your birth chart and locate the planets that all fall into the same degree or very close to the same degree. These will be sensitive areas of life and when a transiting planet moves into these degrees, you can expect an active time in your life.

In many cases these timers indicate stress or nice easy flow. Sometimes events happen or sometimes attitudes will change. If a mental adjustment is not enough to make the necessary changes suggested by the planets involved, then at some point later during the transition, an event may unfold to push you in the right direction. An example may be that an individual has Pluto square the MC and Uranus conjuncting at the same time and also Saturn is in opposition to the Sun, especially if the Sun is somehow connected to the MC. With these circumstances, something with regards to the occupation, life status, goals and aspiration will unfold over the time of the influence.

Remember regardless of how the energies are released, change and disruption are often prerequisites for growth. Nothing in life happens without some purpose attached to it.

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