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Illusion or Reality

There will be times during our various stages of enlightenment that we will question the validity of our experiences. Through meditation and other techniques, many individuals have discovered realms of existence that were once foreign to “normal” everyday life. Upon reflection, there will be times when we begin to falter and question our own perception of these experiences.

This is a normal process and it is primarily due to ego interference, as connecting to spirituality and understanding of the true nature of reality, the ego has no dominance. In fear of losing its stronghold, the ego will break into our space and challenge the mind in whatever means suits it best to push us to question the validity of what is taking place in our lives. If we begin to question the ongoing process of our awakening to a higher state of awareness, it will usually be ego interference.

This interference can take many forms and the more threatened the ego becomes, the stronger it will push you to doubt your perceptions of reality and challenge your belief structure. The ego is actually unaware of its positive value in our evolution and it fears that it will be lost or somehow thrown away or discarded.

It is believed that there is also a higher scope of existence for the ego where it to will be free of limitations and open to the love and compassion as is the true course of all existence.

When you find your belief structures being challenged, have a close look at where this questioning might be coming from. This is not to say that if something does not feel right that you should follow it blindly. You will learn to decipher the difference between truth and illusion. Through facilitating an outlook or belief structure that states that you will only learn the truth, there is no fear of illusion. When the ego infiltrates your conscious state with questions or intrusions, if you take the time to review and study them, you will know instinctively whether they are real or illusion.

Always having faith. Your “knowing” that you are walking the correct path can and will be challenging at times especially during any transitional stage. You are being challenged because the past ways of living no longer holds you in their grip, and you are consciously aware of the change that is taking place in your life on many levels. Move forward with confidence and follow your heart. You may be traversing a new trail in your life, but if you look closely the path is well trodden and many others walk beside you.

Our world is always undergoing a transformation and this evolutionary change is affecting our whole planet on one level or another. How wonderful and privileged we are to be taking part in this awakening. Share this life gift with those around you in whatever way suits the occasion, although some may not approve. This is, however, their choice. Know that you are following your vision and this vision which will impact your life and those around you. Stay true to yourself and believe.

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