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When we are dealing with the transits of inner planets, which would include the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, their influence is often of minor significance, as they pass quickly through the heavens. An inner planet moving direct, without retreating in its retrograde cycle, can have a lasting effect of up to eight days when making contact, as long as there are other factors influencing our chart with the same energies. Mars and Venus can last as much as 6-8 days depending on the orb of influence you allow.

In general, although transits from outer planets can be felt up to and including 5-7 degrees approaching, some people are even sensitive to their influence before this time. The influence of these planets are in force as much as 2-3 degrees when they are separating. The orbs are about the same or a little less with inner planetary transits. Mercury, Venus and Mars move approximately one degree per day as well as the Sun which moves roughly one degree and one minute each day.

The Sun and Mars, however, are often used as timers in Astrology and can set off an outer planetary transit while in orb which can be quite impacting. I have personally known of someone who had transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Uranus which was in the seventh house and at the same time they had transiting Mars directly in conjunction with Pluto which was also conjunct with their natal Mercury. During this contact, this individual had experienced the death of someone very close to them. As you can see, transiting Mars played a big part in this unfolding story. This does not mean that when Mars and Pluto form a conjunction, or any other challenging aspect, that the potential for an important death will be part of the picture. With this particular individual, they were in opposition to Uranus and Uranus was in the 7th house and natal Pluto was found in the eighth house. The progressed Moon was also making an aspect of significance as well as other indicators in the personal chart of the individual that passed over on that particular day. There need to be many indicators in charts when something as drastic as this would happen.

Mars, depending on which planet and what angle, can signify an event that should be guarded against. In some cases, this can be a violent action or aggressive individual or an accident.

In other cases when Mars is making favorable aspects to natal planets it may be a time to move forward or act. Mars, as well as the Sun, can help initiate something important in life and if we take advantage of the energies at hand and use them appropriately, we can move ahead in our pursuit. Planned action is always suggested.

The progressed Moon and especially Transiting Uranus also speak of the timing of events. Mercury on its own will have little impact while in transit as it needs to pick up energies from other planets in the chart to even become detectable.

Venus and Mars have a stronger influence, particularly Mars, although they are more noticeable when they are making a conjunction, square, or opposition to a planet or angle in the birth chart.

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