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How often do you find yourself caught up in the blah, blah, blah chatter of the mind? There can be absolutely no rational whatsoever to the chatter we listen to and yet we allow ourselves to be completely engulfed in it. We follow along blindly without questioning the concepts or the information we are being fed. This can go on indefinitely and we can become so caught up in this chatter that we lose sight or our principles and beliefs. We give in to the mind’s constant chatter and its continuous so called “rationalizations”.

We continually come up with concepts or belief structures that fit the moment but unfortunately the mind runs with the intricate details created and building on the simple truths until they are so bastardized that we no longer recognize them. In turn we experience confusion and stress rather than truth. We have the ability to follow along any line of thought as long as we decide to. Why is it than, that so we can become trapped by ideas that serve little if any purpose at all in our lives?

We can allow ourselves to see life as traumatic and each situation at hand, although each of these is often not overwhelming, yet slowly through the mind’s chatter they becomes just that. The mind completely blows things out of proportion and we follow the blah, blah, blah chatter without even questioning the fact that we do not need to go down that destructive road. We can control our belief structures and reaction to anything life has to throw at us BUT we must first recognize when we are becoming lost in the confusion, self pity and manipulation of our ego mind.

If we do not like what we are hearing, we simply do not have to identify with it. Do not make it not own it. It is only ours if we choose to make it so. Learning to catch the manipulation in the beginning is preferred. It is through recognition that we can make a conscious decision as to which concepts and ideas we wish to follow. We also can choose which reactions we choose to allow. By allowing ourselves to be swept away by our thoughts and life events, we become lost in the events and this often leads to nervous ailments (dis-ease), mental confusion and feelings of disparity.

Once we begin to recognize the control we actual have, we can alter our reactions in such a way that we have control of how we feel and see lessons simply as opportunity to grow not events of destruction. In order to facilitate change, real constructive change, we need to alter our attitude. Rather than putting our focus on the events and situations we do not approve of, we might refocus on all those events and situations that make us feel good or satisfied. Do not try to avoid less than ideal situation. Avoidance is actually giving focus to something. In turn that which we are trying to avoid is given even more strength. The law of attraction does not question what it is we are concentrating on. It simply gives us more of the same, so focus is the key.

For example, if there is a challenging situation within an important relationship. Under these circumstances, do not think about what it is that is causing the issues. Think about what in the relationship holds you together and what in the relationship creates strength and makes you feel good. Rechanneling your focus brings more of what you are focusing on and in turn makes you appreciative of the relationship.

Life will take us down the road we need to be on. The events of life happen for us to learn from. We are never off course even when it appears as though we are. Adjustments are necessary as life continues, but much can be learned from the focus of our thoughts and created through our expectations. We mold our future by our focus today. Build a future through an open attitude that is conducive to easy lessons. We can learn our life lessons as we are pulled through them kicking and screaming or we can learn out lessons through acceptance and a positive focus. Which would be easier?

You ARE the creator of your own destiny.

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