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They say that everything happens for a reason. Do you believe this to be true?

Are you opening the door of creativity on some level?

Are you developing an open skill-set that sets you apart from the “norm”?

Are you entering into an important relationship (maybe with yourself) that will change your life forever?

As our title today suggests, none of these things would happen unless they are meant to. It does not matter whether you feel ready for the changes or not. These changes or growth would not be happening unless the timing was perfect and in line with your path.

Nothing in life happens by chance. I do not believe in coincidence. I believe in synchronicities. Everything happens for the right reasons. Many times we may not understand the process or see the full picture or even believe that this is the case but that does not change the process.

Some of us may never question events and some of us may question every event.

We may all have our own definition of significance but it is my opinion that everything in life is significant. Yes, everything. If we are truly living in the moment, the events are of the utmost importance for that moment. If, however, we are constantly living in our minds, or the past or the future, we are not aware of the moment and its importance. We are missing life as all things just pass us by.

This moment is invaluable. Do not squander it by reminiscing, worrying about the future or analysing what has taking place. You will never have this very second again!

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