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Transiting Jupiter sextile transiting Neptune, although it has been in place since February 2020, deserves further mention. Jupiter and Neptune are in sextile to one another almost to the end of 2020 and have strong links in February (direct February 20), in July (direct July 27) and October (direct October 12). Don’t forget this transit is in place for everyone and can also be used in mundane astrology.

You will have to check your birth chart to see at which degrees these planets affect your natal placements and also by what aspects. Check also the house positions involved for further information. They are tightly linked from 18-20 degrees, Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.

Jupiter expands on things and brings great growth potential. Jupiter is also linked to good luck, good fortune, fortunate possibilities and in general all things good. Jupiter’s negative expression is over the top expectations, over doing, overly optimistic anticipations and excessive growth.

Neptune has to do with spiritual insight, mystical unfolding and psychic potential. Neptune in its negative form deals with fogginess and things being unclear or the desire to escape anything that is intrusive or unfiltered in negative terms.

These two transiting planets are linked by a sextile indicating opportunities for spiritual growth, expansive understanding into the mystical side of life and optimism with regards to higher learning and growth potential in these areas of life.

Sextile’s energies in some cases fall into your lap. In this case, this may also be tied to growth and opportunities tied to success, whatever that means to you due to Jupiter being in Capricorn.

At other times sextiles need a push from you and it is suggested that rather than wait on an opportunity to fall into your lap that you promote yourself and push to achieve what you would like to see in the near future. Good luck and good fortune is part of the picture if these planets link up favourably to your natal placements. Even if they are somewhat challenged in your chart, you can always work towards learning something of relevance during the upcoming year.

If you happen to have a conjunction, trine or sextile to one of these placements or favourable aspects to both of these positions, you can push ahead in your endeavours now and create something viable down the road or even in this moment.

If you have Squares or oppositions to these placement then it may take some work to achieve what you set out to do, but you should always keep pushing even when there are obstacles in the way. The worst you can do is fail or fall short and then this is when valuable lessons are experienced.

We should understand that growth comes in many shapes and forms and are not always easily recognized as such initially.

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