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The only thing to fear is fear itself. We have heard that saying many times before. There is a reason why this message has been around for so long.

Understanding the origin of fear will perhaps provide us with a clearer awareness of precisely why fear is generated.

Fear was a primal instinct. Some respond to fight, other respond to flight. It is in place in order to survive.

Our fear response is not required in our civilized world of today as it was in days gone by. Our fear response in today’s society is more of an ego base response. It is more of a fear of failure or embarrassment than a fear of not surviving. Today’s fear response is not a part of the true self.

We cannot conquer fear until we accept that fear is a concept that stems from the ego.

Fear has many faces. It can come at us from all directions and in many forms. Fear is believing in something that prevents you from reaching the truth. Fear in its many forms can reveal itself through not feeling you are worthy, that you are not good enough, not pure enough, not smart enough, not capable, not intelligent enough, or simply not able to achieve what you set out to do.

It is related to your beliefs and concepts of what you accept is the truth for you. How often do you hold yourself back because a part of you, your ego, tells you that you will not succeed? How often because of this ego-generated fear do you stop yourself short, because of your expectations of potential failure?

Truth is found within. You are your truth. If you choose to believe that you cannot do something, you have just drawn the line and a large part of you believes that in moving forward there is a potential for failure, so you let the idea go. That part of you that you are identifying with is the ego and it creates interference and stops you from accomplishing something, anything.

In order to achieve, you have to recognize and release that ego holds you back. Recognize that this is not part of the true you.

If you follow the advice of the ego and make it part of your belief structure, then the chances for success slips away. You will not succeed because you have chosen to believe your will not succeed. This is a choice.

Acknowledge to yourself that it serves no purpose to identify with anything that does not make you happy. Do not identify with anything that will not serve a higher purpose. Heighten your awareness and open the floodgates so that your true self can shine through.

Your belief structures, particularly the belief you have in the outcome will play a very significant role in what actually takes place in your life. Fear is generated through the ego and rests in this place. Challenging any negative belief structure and learning not to identify with ego generated concepts, will transform what is ahead for you. The outcome of your actions plays a significant part in your awakening to the fact that the ego is the only thing that stops you from achieving and moving forward.

Today’s fear is the ego’s strongest defense and an alliance with fear can manipulate your unfolding to the point of stagnation.

We are not suggesting that you put yourself in harm’s way to achieve but what we are suggesting is that you move beyond the fear being generated that stops you from succeeding. Let your intuition be your guide. Do not let the ego stand in your way.

You can accomplish anything, so make your pursuit in life a worthy one. Take the steps required to achieve and bring into life something that will not only benefit you but will also serve a higher purpose for those around you. You can gauge your efforts by asking yourself, “is what I am in search of coming from the heart”? If your answer is yes then move forward in anticipation of something positive manifesting in your life.

You can do it. You can find it. You have all you need. Just believe!

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