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You could say we have had some major distractions along the way over the past couple of years and that would be putting it lightly. The forecast surrounding the pandemic looks brighter but it has taken its toll.

Many are experiencing stress and anxiety and have reached out for help. Others have taken life as it is and accepted their fate, and yet others have fought tooth and nail over what they feel is excessive control and misinformation.

Many have questioned what to do and believe. Who do we rely on to assist us in our journey?

Fortunately, many answers can be found within ourselves and other reliable resources. When reaching within we build confidence, courage, etc. Asking for assistance encourages trust and teamwork.

There will always be distractions along our path and we learn valuable information as we work our way through these lessons. Through these lessons, we realize how resilient we actually are and find strength that we never thought we had.

We will each make our way through these times. We will then look back at the lessons learned and in some way be grateful for what was taught. At times we struggle and at times we flourish.

What was the lesson? I think part of it for sure was understanding the value of friends and family and getting to know yourself. A new lesson seems to be placing itself on the table of life and I can clearly see a lesson on helping others in crisis presenting itself.

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