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Holding on to what used to be and knowing that it no longer suits your way forward, serves little purpose.

Perhaps you need to make changes. Perhaps the way you interact with your surroundings no longer suits your life. Perhaps you need to break free from old habits. Perhaps the true you need to be brought to the surface or you need to re-evaluated your goals.

Some may feel they need to change their surroundings and make a physical relocation.

Are you running away from something?

Most times issues follow us in life to ensure that we make a personal change, an inner change. Facing issues is always a prerequisite to resolution.

If real change is a requirement, it is time to face this requirement. Perhaps unworthiness has kept you from moving forward or perhaps the fear of the unknown is what is holding you back.

Do not let self-value and/or fear stand in the way of peace or growth. We all deserve peace and growth. Move ahead knowing that at some point in the future it will all make sense. It may be the most difficult thing you have done in your life but when something requires change and you are certain of it and you have honestly done all you can in the current situation, it might be time to cut ties with whatever it is that is holding you back.

Do it for you!

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letting go
Let go of what no longer serve you.


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