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Those of us with freedom of speech, communicate freely about our concerns and much more. We can express ourselves although our opinions are open to criticism by others. We are capable of influencing others. It is my opinion because of this freedom not to spread or create fear, anxiety, anger and/or violence.

Why create turmoil?

Unfortunately, there are individuals who thrive on negatively impacting those around them. Why? Possibly to feel powerful and influential. Some thrive on pessimism and creating limitations. But there are also those who pursue peace and wish for nothing less than love and compassion.

Know that your impact affects others. Let’s make that impact encouraging whenever possible. Is it not far more fulfilling and impactful to help others find peace and tranquility?

We can influence the wave of influence. Let’s make it a positive one. Your intensions spread as others react and then share the message further into the consciousness of others. You are the messenger with a much larger influence than you realize.

Yes, you have the freedom at least on some level to express yourself. Knowing that your thoughts and expectations manifest, should you not be careful with what you are putting out into our world?

There are many of us that consciously understand that focus creates reality. Those fortunate enough to recognize this can create a positive influence. We are the forerunners of this movement. Are we not obligated to do what we can to assist this world and its occupants?

What is your part in the process and how does your attitude affect you (and those around you)?

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