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As mentioned in our post September 20, the Sun moved into the Cardinal, Air sign of Libra on September 23, 2023. See our posts at Today we will look at our Libra forecast or transits.

With transiting Uranus remaining in the sign of Taurus reaching its lowest point of 19° towards the end of 2023 and into 2024, those with their Libra Sun within orb of these degrees will experience a quincunx. The quincunx can be a bit of a challenging aspect as it speaks of the need for adjusting their life’s circumstances. This can relate to relationships or goals in life, and it may not be an easy alteration. Uranus acts in unexpected manners although it does provide a degree of warning of what needs to be done.

Uranus’ action is swift and can be erratic although the changes will be what is required at the time and the need for change has likely been in place for some time.

There is also an upcoming Solar Eclipse at 21° Libra which will certainly touch those within a 3° approach to this degree with their Sun or other placements of planets and angles within their chart. (We will be discussing the importance of this upcoming event in a future post).

Jupiter is also in early degrees of Taurus having an influence on what unfolds in the quincunx. T Neptune will play its part as well being in the final stages of Pisces also making a quincunx to those with their Sun in these degrees.

In general, this upcoming period certainly suggests that adjustments are necessary for those with important connections related to these positionings.

More will be written in upcoming posts about the influence of these positions in the natal chart, but for a personal analysis contact an experienced Astrologer.

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Libra mini forecast or transits
Libra Forecast


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