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If we listen carefully, we will realize that we are always being guided.

Enjoy and appreciate this guidance.

You are a miracle. You are an ever-expanding portrait of love and compassion. Deep within, you are already all you wish you will ever be. Recognize this truth. You are being beckoned to see the truth, to see yourself. Find that place within where you can accept your role and know your place.

Life is to be lived and you are at the helm of this venture. Your purpose is to learn, to accept the challenges, to live and to share.

Explore all that crosses your path. Be open.

Life reminds you to love, to heal, to conquer, to balance, to accept, to believe and to grow.

Rediscover your true identity and know that you are spirit currently in earthly form.

Learn from each of your life’s conditions and recognize their true purposes.

Live your life to the fullest and share it with all.

Express your love, compassion, and gentleness.

Unite with the whole and bring lasting peace. Through this, you will rediscover, you.

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