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Where did we truly begin?

If we were regressed back to our birth, would we still have remnants or memories of a previous life still intact at that moment?

Would there be memories of a distant past or would the experience only be closely linked to this present life ready to begin?

These are questions that have been pondered by many individuals who question the validity of past lives. Reincarnation is a topic that requires an open mind as the concept, although many believe has been proven, still entices our imagination and there is much left to the imagination.

Is this our first life?

Have we been here before?

If we have been here before then why do most of us not recall anything from our previous incarnations? Would it interfere with our life’s purpose now? Could it affect how we would live our life if we knew the why behind our current existence? Is it important for most of us to concern ourselves with past lives?

We can know in our hearts the answers to these questions and they are very personal ones for each of us. We may never be able to explain the answers to these questions to others with true clarity.

Uncovering our inner personal story is part of our life’s purpose and many believe this is within our grasp. Some believe it is found by living in the moment which is said to open doors to awaken our connection to life.

Many individuals are very busy living in their potential futures or wrapped up in emotions from their past. The past and the future are not where we are meant to focus our attention. We have come to experience life to the fullest and this can only be done by living in the moment.

We will always continue our search for answers to many questions, especially our true meaning. This is a question that seems to be a part of our nature. We have come with the answers but for most of us, they seem to be locked away. Our present day, let alone our present life, IS our unfolding story.

Each of us walk this journey at our own pace and we cannot rush our evolution. The purpose of this journey IS the journey not the destination. As a result, this moment in the journey is of utmost importance. Our journey may be a million steps but this very step we are taking now is the only one moving us forward.

Staying open to the understanding that bridges our physical life and our spiritual life will certainly allow us to continue each step we must take. If we choose to stay focused strictly in the material world and exclude the connection to our deeper selves then the bliss of the journey is lost. Could it be that those who choose to ignore the journey are here to strictly to learn from their feet being planted firmly on this earthly ground?

For some of us we search beyond the working, sleeping world but it is important to respect the choices that we have made as well as the choices others have made. Follow the path that excites your heart even if no one else has been there before you.

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