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Life's Predestined Path

Our origin predates birth. Our conception into this life was preordained. We have come into this life with an innate knowledge of the path we are meant to walk. We are spirits in a mortal life form, destined to facilitate our awakening as our life unfolds. Each and every one of us is on this path of enlightenment although enlightenment unfolds from our individual circumstances and life’s conditions.

We are all on a path each engendered as male or female. Although this holds some relevance, it does not facilitate awakening. We learn primarily through life’s experience and are continually guided from within. This internal knowledge is constant and super“natural” – to the extent that we generally are blind to this gift. We are so focused on our earthly senses that we have drifted away from using this wonderful resource available to each and every one of us.

Our part in this journey is to remain open to inner dialogue and to maintain the channel to our higher self so we can continually utilize our soul’s endless knowledge. This earthly body is a vehicle or channel for the soul’s expression. We are to maintain an open dialog between our higher self and the US we know.

We have come into this life to allow the unfolding evolutionary path within and to do our part in facilitating this ongoing process on a global scale. We are in the early stages of awakening on a global level and each and every one of us is a contractor of this evolution of mankind. Do not dismiss your relevance. You are part of the whole. You are an important link in your own unique fashion; unique unto you although connected to the whole.

Allow the flow of information to continue. Restore your understanding of your original purpose. Spread the information that is available to you through the abundant nature of your life’s force. Be one and in unity with the endless information within. Acknowledge it and allow it to flow throughout your world.

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