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Although there are times in life when it is hard to move beyond what was, it is always wise to look for indicators that point us in different directions. We cannot be content being in a place simply because it once felt comfortable, nor can we remain stuck due to worries about what direction life will take us in the future.

Life always maneuvering us in our required direction even when it feels as though moving in that direction is uncomfortable. It is amazing how we find ways to become secure in situations that hold us back from our personal evolution.

We should be advancing and learning from what life teaches us as we maneuver our way forward or out of situations that no longer suit us. Sometimes we cling on to yesterday because of memories or because of a hurt so ingrained that it feels impossible to rid ourselves of it.

Staying in the past serves no purpose and only stagnates our growth and stops us from living. Letting go and moving ahead is essential to living.

If you made mistakes along the way, which is part of being human, forgive yourself and learn from what transpired. They were lessons not mistakes. We do not know what lies ahead but it is meant for our life. Forge ahead. You may be pleasantly surprised with what awaits you. You are always on path and meant to be living each situation contained in the moment, not the past or the future.

Be in line with where you are meant to be. Live in the moment.

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