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In this post we are not focusing on those that struggling with depression. We are focusing on those individuals that truly believe that mankind is heading for destruction, that famine will eventually affect all of mankind, that there is truly no hope for reversing climate change and the list goes on. We are looking at those individuals that truly believe that there is no hope and that they are only being realistic.

We so not deny that is seems as though our world is moving in the wrong direction and if we continue on this path the outcomes would not be one of choice. I am suggesting, however, that those caught up in negativity, to please stop for just a moment and ask yourself, “How has this attitude and belief structure actually helped you in your daily life?” How has this attitude been beneficial this far in life? To what end does it serve?

Negativity breeds negativity and when we defend our stance on what is consider reality, this negative potential is a seed that germinates in our minds. Our expectations in life, which mold our reality whether we believe this or not, become our focus.

Those of us with the conscious belief that thoughts slowly manifest our reality will intentionally alter our thought patterns when we are confronted with negativity even if it appears to be accurate. Through this process of thinking and focus, we draw more positive energy into our lives.

When spending time thinking about something we hate, we will be faced with this energy repeated....on TV, in life events, etc. We focus and then we are bombarded with whatever concept we are focused on which in turn affects our emotional response.

There have been studies on individuals dealing with cancer and there are reports that attitude plays a major part in healing process and in any hope to overcome this disease. Think about the word “disease. What does dis-ease imply?

We are not suggesting that you change your focus to avoid the reality of a situation; however, pay attention to your focus in life. Try focusing on all of the positive energies and events in your life. How can it hurt? We are not asking that you hide your head in the sand. We recognize the condition of our world. Do not run with it however. Focus and promote anything which is positive into your immediate environment. Spread that vibration. When is the best time to begin such a positive practices? Well I guess that is up to you personally.

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