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Seek not outside that can be easily found within.

Open the door to a loving perception through visualization and awareness. Love is ever present within...always available and waiting to be experienced.

Love radiates from self on a purely instinctual level. It does not grow from the intellect although the intellect needs to understand that it is present. Love is an energy that radiates outward once it has been released from within. Its nature is to seek expansion. We naturally radiate love (think of an child) unless we have trained ourselves otherwise.

It is available to and for everyone. It can be experienced at any level of understanding. Even the most intrusive individuals can share love and although many may feel as though they misplace love, it is always available and accessible if we care to draw upon it. Our personal pursuits….our quests are tied to love even if it seems as though love is blemished through our actions in life. True love is always pure and forgiving.

To experience love, we MUST go within. If our world appears to lack love, we are not accepting its existence within. If we open ourselves to self love and believe that we are worthy, no matter what ego may argue, we will know and experience love. No one is denied its experience without their permission. Love’s availability is the same for an infant as it is for the elderly, regardless of how we have lived our lives.

Find that loving light within that shines forever brighter. That light is you. It is always willing to reveal and share itself naturally. It is part of your inner core. Love radiates to the furthest reaches of life’s experience, if you allow it to!

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