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On May 5, 2023 we will experience the effects of a Lunar Eclipse at 14° Scorpio. Transiting Uranus is in opposition to the Moon at 18° Taurus. If you have planets or significant angles within three degrees of this placement either by conjunction or opposition then this Eclipse will influence you. Much depends on the houses involved and other factors in the natal chart.

With Moon in Scorpio there can be very powerful effects on sexual indicators in your chart and what surfaces at this time will bring about change and development which is now required. This can be a romantic relationship that no longer suits your evolution or a relationship that now goes to the next level. You will have to be careful of manipulation either directed towards you or coming from you. This is a very alluring time and seductive energies can be strong.

Scorpio tends to bring things to the surface and with Uranus in opposition this can take place in a sudden or unexpected manner being somewhat out of your hands and often initiated by outside forces. The transformation that takes place can be profound but the forces which may seem beyond your control are aiding and pointing you in a new direction far more suitable at this time.

This can be a time of reflection and in many cases the Eclipses often indicate letting go and starting over. Let go of emotional baggage that no longer suits your evolution. Move either into a new situation or make changes so that “the new” finds its way to you. Part of the evolutionary plan is to promote healing where needed, instigate new avenues of expression and being in a place where the door is open for further growth, although the transformation and eventual change may not be an easy one.

The effect of this Eclipse is often strong during the first month and is often in effect for up to 3 to 4 months. Use this time wisely and do not fear what is unfolding. Sometimes we can’t see the trees for the forest and bringing what needs to surface out of hiding can in turn create a required change.

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