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We all have gifts to offer. When we discovered what our gifts are, we need not compare them to anyone else’s. Sometime specific gifts are temporary and sometimes gifts can be permanent. Circumstances never stay the same and our gifts match up with what we are here to accomplish in the moment.

No one is more significant than anyone else. We each have an important role to fulfill. Other individuals will offer us important contributions to our growth. It is important to pay attention when these treasures are being offered. Some people will come to us when the timing is perfect. At times we will go to others at the perfect time. We should never question if we are doing it right or saying it right. It will be perfect for that moment.

Go out into the world and share some magic today. Do not wait to perfect some skill or for the timing to be perfect.

We have our part to play and now is time to play it! Make things happen!

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