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Mars moves into the sign of Cancer, a Cardinal, water sign today, April 23, 2021. It remains in Cancer until June 12, 2021, and does not move into retrograde during this time span.

Mars is about drive and push and often speaks of ambition and energy in life. In challenging aspect, Mars has been proven to be the instigator of aggressive action. Sometimes Mars equates with accidents and even violence but nearly always promotes activity.

Mars in positive aspect can reach towards achievement and can move ahead in quite a bold and impressive spur. Its energies push you to stand up for what you believe in and for the rights of others as well as your own rights and promotes growth through hard work and a strong push to achieve.

Regardless of the aspect with Mars, you can always use its energies in a positive way, if you direct these energies constructively. It is about focus and determination but this is what the lessons focus on.

The influences also depend on the aspects Mars make while moving through the sign of Cancer and its house placement, but this often speaks to energy directed towards family and nurturing. Mars in its natal placement (in your personal chart) must also be clearly analyzed to get the full picture of what Mars means specifically for you. Cancer is associated with protection and caring for others and especially your personal family. Cancer is the mother of the Zodiac and if the kids are in trouble, you know that Mom will be there for them. The Moon of course which is ruled by Cancer often denotes the mother in Astrology.

The transit of Mars is often used as a timer and Mars moves rapidly through the zodiac. Its influence can be felt up to 5 degrees approaching and dissipates at 2 degrees after separation. A three- or four-day period will be when Mars’ energies are at their peak.

On its own, Mars might have little influence, but to set off other transits, it often stimulates activity. Much depends on the other transits in place, how they are placed in the natal chart and the aspects they are making. A clear and concise delineation is always required to get the full influence at any given time.

Sometimes people become worried when Mars is in play, but as mentioned, other factors must correlate with what is taking hold in life. However, Mars is the significator of action and should not be ignored.

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