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Planets in retrograde do not operate at their full potential. In many cases, it is a time to reflect on and plan around the energies of the planets involved. When they are ready to turn direct, we can then use the information gathered over the time frame where the retrograde cycles occurred. Our last Astrology post on January 12, 2022, we focused on Venus in retrograde and today Mercury in Retrograde.

Mercury begins its retrograde cycle on January 14, 2022 in the sign of Aquarius at 10 degrees and will back as far as 24 degrees Capricorn. Mercury goes direct cycle on February 4, 2022.

Mercury in retrograde is often feared by many, as its meaning has been delineated in rather strong terms. It is important to note that if you do not have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart and are not being affected adversely by its placement making contact with your planets in the natal chart, you may not be affected at all, or its influence may be rather mild. Mercury’s intensity will be influenced by other factors in the chart. Look to see what aspects Mercury makes to the rest of your chart while in its retrograde cycle.

Mercury retrograde often suggests that this is the time to review things that are currently important in your life. It is important not to sign important documents at this time as sometimes things do not move along as you wish they would. Mental processing may not be optimal but planning the next move after the retrograde cycle is over is the best approach. Mercury is primarily in the sign of Aquarius during this retrograde cycle, although it is also in Capricorn in its final stages, so what we discussed with Venus in Capricorn in the January 12 post will be reiterated by Mercury in the same sign. We will not repeat that information here.

Aquarius often speaks of humanitarian endeavors and a rather unique approach to life’s events. If Uranus is involved in the equation be sure not to do anything without full consideration and moving in a completely different direction under this influence is not advisable.

Being involved with groups and organizations may be hindered in some way at this time for those influenced by this cycle. You may not be allowed or feel you should not take part in events such as protests or your group involvement may be held back because of the concerns of today.

Aquarius carries with it the need for change and the start of something new and you may wish to advance on some level, but the timing is not right for this to begin. It is often best to wait until Mercury goes direct once again in early February.

Take the time to rationalize and think things out during this time frame and move in accordance with the energies as they begin to present themselves in a clearer light as time passes. If, however, you have made plans and wish to continue along the same path, move ahead but expect some restraints and potential shortfalls.

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