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Mercury goes retrograde in motion three to four times each year. Mercury went retrograde on January the 6, 2016 and remains so until the 25th. It is currently moves into the sign of Aquarius for a brief time and then goes back into Capricorn.

It is suggested that Mercury retrograde will affect people who have it in retrograde in their birth charts more than those who were born with it direct. As it moves through your horoscope make note of the house it is in, also see if it conjuncts any planets or angle during its motion. The sign it is in during this time will be reflective of mental adjustments and will be aligned with the sign that any planet or angle is in within your natal chart. It may also affect the area of life, dictated by the house positions, that are affected. It is also suggested that you view your Mercury’s placement in your natal chart, its house position and the aspects made to it. Much of what your natal chart suggests may be areas that will be affected by Mercury’s transit.

Mercury retrograde is not a huge life-changing event; however, it deserves mention due to the fact that Mercury is associated with the workings of the mind. As Mercury begins to slow down or at least appear to slow down, some experience a slowing down in daily affairs and we will have time to reflect and contemplate life’s events. It is considered a chance to go over old material that we may have ignored or left buried previously.

We may review decisions or make decisions although quite often the best laid plans go astray during the retrograde motion. It is best to wait until Mercury has completed its retrograde cycle and then if we want, we can move forward in the intended direction. It seems that things working better after Mercury goes direct and have a greater chance of success.

It is suggested that we remains flexible during times of Mercury retrograde and not to sign any agreements or written documents. It is suggested that there is a better success rate after the retrograde motion is finalized. This is not to say that we should worry if plans are made or documents need to be signed during this period, as often times if Mercury is not making contacts with natal planets or is very poorly aspected in the birth chart, that things remain relatively tame and little interferes will be met with plans.

This is a time of self-study, a time to reflect on who we are and what steps we might take to improve ourselves. It has been suggested that individuals could experience something from the past that returns but in alternate forms. Perhaps we will see a past lesson not well learned resurfacing or a concept that may have failed due to some shortcoming being readdressed. We may now have the opportunity to make alternate plans or changes in direction and correct judgement calls when Mercury moves into direct motion again.

It is suggests that people and personal ideas are often the key to moving ahead in the proper direction. Some experience insights on alternate levels that propel them forward in a new direction. In most cases unless highly afflicted in the natal chart and afflicted in the transit through connection with planets or angles, it is not a time to be overly concerned as very little may actually transpire.

Use this time to activate your mental process as it now becomes stimulated. Any area that has to do with humanitarian ventures or group activities would come under the influential rays of Aquarius. Aquarius imparts special knowledge during this time that may be considered futuristic and is associated with Uranus the planet known as the awakener. Deep thinking and reflective thoughts for the betterment of all concerned now can be awakened during this humanitarian connection. Mercury moves back into the sign of Aquarius on the 14th of February, 2016.

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